Float Spa is proud to present a scientifically proven, time-efficient method of unwinding and regenerating from the daily grind. Floating in float tanks and in float rooms. Click ‘read more’ to find out more about floating, float tanks and how they work.

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Our Premium Floating Tank/Pod

100% water removal/filtration, reservoir system, self draining float pods/rooms! – The premium of floating!

We are float tank manufacturers and designers (producing float tanks and rooms since 2009, sold and installed more than 150 units worldwide to 22+ countries) also, so we have thought through and improved every aspect of the flotation experience with our technical knowledge and design, resulting in the creation of -we believe- the most advanced flotation pod equipment available today, the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System. References shown here: http://floatspa.com/references-installed-systems/

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Our Premium Floating Room

100% water removal/filtration, reservoir style, self draining float room!

Because of the spacious size of our Float Rooms 2 people can float together at the same time. The Float Spa Premium Floating Room System has an attractive design a professional water treatment system with 2 external water reservoir tanks a user friendly software and a reliable energy efficient hardware.

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