The Float Spa Premium Floating Room has an attractive design and a professional water treatment system and a reliable energy efficient hardware.

Float roomOur machines are working in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary and covering more and more countries.
In our floating room you can have a 30, 60. 90 minutes floating session in a very clean and hygienic water contains 30% MgSO4 (magnesium sulphate). In the floating program there is light-, sound- and aroma- (if needed) therapy at the beginning and at the end. In the middle of your session you enjoy a weightless, silent, peaceful, bodywarm environment (like in the womb) with no light, so your brain can relax (sensory deprivation) and can get into a deep meditative (Theta) state. In this state of mind according to the literature your body and brain can relax and regenerate 4-5 times faster than during sleeping. This is a very effective way to get rid of stress. The MgSO4 and the floatation has several positive effects on your body, skin, muscles, joints and spine.

Why to choose the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank Sytem?

  • Maximum hygiene, top water treatment/cleaning technology just like in swimming pools (the water cleaned before and after every floating session in 4 different ways, and if there is no floating, the system cleans the water in every 2nd our
    automatically). We use active oxygen, no chlorine used. You can set the parameters of the water cleaning system in the software.
  • Unique attractive design
  • Vacuum formed, antibacterial saniter acryl room body
  • The water stored in a reservoir tank, so it is pumped into the room through the filters just before you float
  • The water is heated in the reservoir and in the room also, it doesn’t get cold through your session
  • Energy efficient operating (max. consumption 2,3 kW/hour)
  • Easy changeable filters (glass-sand, acryl, periodical active coal) no special maintenance person needed, everything can be done according to our user’s manual with up to 200 session filter changing period
  • The MgSO4 (food quality) magnesiumsulphate in the water has several positive effects on your body
  • Easy cleaning: the empty room can be cleaned from the salt with a normal hand shower
  • Computerized control unit with touch screen display- CE certificate
  • Unforgettable experience
  • You can choose the music you want from a list or you can connect external music
  • You can set up the beautiful lights you want
  • You can get aromatherapy also
  • We help you with the interior design of your Float Spa room
  • Professional installing team

Float roomFloat room

float room

For who do we offer our wellness product?

  • For all the people who pay attention to their health, want to relax, get rid of stress, learn to meditate and experience floating
  • Athletes, sportsmen, busy business people
  • Hotels to offer something new and innovative
  • Spas, Day Spas to widen their services
  • Sport-, wellness-, beauty- and health centers


Check out our descriptive information page to find more on the positive effects of floating.

Should you need further information or simply prefer a friendly call, please do not hesitate to contact us via any means displayed on our Contact page.

Literature: John C. Lilly – The deep shelf, Michael Hutchinson – The book of floating