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100% water removal/filtration, reservoir system, self draining float pods/rooms! – The premium of floating!

We are float tank manufacturers and designers (producing float tanks and rooms since 2009, sold and installed more than 150 units worldwide to 22+ countries) also, so we have thought through and improved every aspect of the flotation experience with our technical knowledge and design, resulting in the creation of -we believe- the most advanced flotation pod equipment available today, the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System. References shown here: http://floatspa.com/references-installed-systems/

Hygiene and design are our first priorities, that is why we decided to manufacture our floating tanks with an external water reservoir tank, so the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System is totally emptied from the salt water between each guest! Our floating tank (called also floating cabin, float pod, float pool) is filled with the salty water in front of the guest just right when the float session starts, the salty water pumped from the external water reservoir tank to the float pod and during this process even the last drop of water pumped through our 4 steps water cleaning system. This is the premium level in hygiene. Even the antibacterial inside of the pod can be cleaned/rinsed easily with a handshower! If you are claustrophobic, you can leave the top lid as much open as you wish, and it stays in the desired position! The inside of our premium float tank/pod is huge anyway, you can hardly reach the “ceiling” if the lid is closed, so you you have plenty of space and air inside. The system is able to add fresh air or scented air (aromatherapy) to the pod’s air.

Drift-Greenville-Float Spa Premium Tank

Left bottom: Pod filling for float session (total amount of salty water filtered/cleaned with 4 different methods)

Right bottom: Pod emptied after float session (total amount of salty water filtered/cleaned with 4 different methods again)

Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System with Back-wash system (to make easier to clean and rinse the inside surface of the pod – shower is not included)

Soulex DC Float Spa


From July 2018 we are producing our float tanks in 2 versions: 1 (short skirt original version float pod) needs a 10″ (26 cm) high podium (original version) and have a low threshold of 1’2″ (35 cm) to step over.

The other (long skirt new version float pod) does not need a podium, but have a bit higher front “threshold” of 2 feet (61 cm) to step over. For older customers the original version can be easier to use, but the long skirt version needs less building cost, because you do not need to build a podium. It is up to your decision which combination, how many you choose and from which version!

Long skirt, new version (not needed podium) test photo             Short skirt original version

61 cm “threshold”/side wall to step over                                         35 cm side wall to step over (+26 cm podium height)


Our designers have engineered the Float SPA® floatation tank to induce maximum hygiene, relaxation and rest. They envisioned the float cabin looking like a stone, lying on a sandy beach. Nature, serenity, balance and harmony are notions that come to mind upon admiring the  interior and exterior design of the Float SPA’s isolation tank.

Our company Float Spa Kft. is the manufacturer of the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System and the Float Spa Premium Floating Room System and we have our own manufacturing/production sites in Hungary, EU.

So far we have references in: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Jersey Island (UK), Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Hungary… The list is growing!

Floating as a business: we have our own return of investment ROI business plan calculation (please send us a request in e-mail to receive it) ready to help your business decision and to help to compare the size of your investment and the ROI times (only cca. few weeks ROI difference can be calculated by the price between the float tank manufacturers) when you choose us or other manufacturers. This is a one time investment into the hygiene and design (as we say: into the premium and future of floating) which will not effect badly your ROI time, but can be beneficial and a selling point for you for many years and can be greatly appreciated by your satisfied floating guests. The difference of the ROI time of a simple float pod vs. our Float Spa Premium Floating Pod System is only cca. 2-6 weeks and then you can have the premium of floating in hygiene and design for many years!  (Even our first float tanks are still operating since 2010). Please check our list of international references.

The Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System is produced by us in European (EU with CE and EAC mark) and North-American version also.

Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System technical draw


Technological Innovations

The Float SPA® floating tank has been granted an international CE mark1, and incorporates the following innovations:


1. Hygienic water and flotation tank cleaning system


・Thermo-moulded (vacuum formed) antibacterial sanitary acrylic inside float tank/pod pool body provides the smoothest, most hygienic surface. Spacious, huge inside space. One of the biggest float pod in this industry.

Water reservoir tank (placed in the technical room) stores the complete amount of salty water when there is no floating session in the pod/pool

・ 0. Stainless steel metal grid filter in the drain of the pool as a first hair-trap and a trap for the lost objects (rings, necklaces, you would be surprised what we have found in this filter yet)

・ I. Glass-sand quartz pre-filter, very effective physical filtration (it is a requirement in many swimming pool standards)

・ II. Cartridge-type acrylic post-filter (5 micron fine) for physical filtration

・ III. High performance UV sterilizer against the germs and bacteria

・ IV. Electronically-operated disinfectant dispenser (for H2O2 or Chlorine) against the germs and bacteria

・ + V. Periodical water filtration using active carbon/charcoal! against the greasy and oily bits (colloids) from the skin, shampoo, perspiration, urine, hair dye, …

・ + VI. Periodically -only in some special occasions- we use a 1 micron fine filter

All of these filters are included in your Float Spa Premium Floating shipment!


2. Technological and operational advantages

・ Following every session, the total water quantity is filtered and disinfected automatically and the empty float tank is disinfected

・ Teflon-insulated heat cables integrated into the body of the float tank maintain SILENTLY a constant temperature of 96.8⁰F (36°C) (no noise of the waterflow during your float session, because there is no heat exchanger!!!)

・ The water preparation reservoir is passively -and silently- heated and heat-insulated and made from salt-proof, material

Stay in any position lid! The top lid can be stopped and can be left open in any position. You can leave it open as much as you wish (it is well balanced, so easy to lift even with 1 hand) and will stays like that during your session. If you are claustrophobic, it is important for you, by the way, floating tanks sometimes used as an alternative therapy against claustrophobia. The inside of our premium float tank/pod is huge anyway, you can hardly reach the “ceiling” if the lid is closed, so you you have plenty of space and air inside.

・ Integrated assistance (panic) button, 3 stainless steel inside grips, anti-slippery step-in area

・ Proprietary operating software (you can customize your floating session) with touch screen display

・ Menus in different languages, automatic welcome and good-bye speech

Emergency/Guest needs help signal, if it is activated

・ Energy-efficient technology, with individual energy uptake of 1.5 kW/h at most, and 0.004 kW/h during stand-by

 .  Overfilling sensor to avoid the mess of putting/pouring too much water in the pool

 .  Leakage sensor in the technical room to avoid any accident

・Optional Central Control Program for float centers to operate more units from one main display from the reception desk

・Optional Back-Wash System  – in this case the inside of the empty cabin can be cleaned easily with a normal hand shower and with normal tap water which goes to the drain automatically (the tap and the shower is not included in this price).

1 CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

3. Sensory Therapies

Prior to commencing the flotation session, the following additional integrated options may be selected:

・ RGB light therapy (62 LEDs!, 10 colours, beautiful reflections, various light programs)

Underwater sound therapy (14 pre-programmed tracks), with the possibility to attach external music source through a 3,5 stereo jack plug. You can even copy your own tracks to our sound card! You can play your own music if you wish!

・Natural aromatherapy or fresh air blowing into the float pod

Installation of the Float SPA® flotation tank

Our Float SPA® float cabin is placed inside a special room, carefully designed up to the very last detail, to ensure the best experience possible. The flotation pod’s design, configuration, shape, and colour all come together in harmonious unity. The worldwide installation of our float tanks done by us (the manufacturer) or by our local distributors ( shown here http://floatspa.com/contact/ ).


Technical Information

The Float SPA® cabin’s technical system automatically keeps the internal air and water temperature at an ideal constant value of 36⁰ C (96.8⁰F), ensuring the user of the cabin will not feel cold, and the water’s salt content is 30%, allowing the body to float effortlessly on the surface. You can change the water temperature with the steps of 0,1 Celsius.

Approximately 800 litres/211 gallon tank. The lid of the flotation pod/ floatation pod can be opened easily and fixed at any position; even those with claustrophobia can experience the benefits of floating.

Material: Antibacterial acrylic vacuum formed (inside of the float pod)

Outer size: Length 8.2 ft. (2500 mm) x Width 5.6 ft. (1770 mm) x Height1 (closed) 4.1 ft. (1240 mm) Height2 (open) 7.3 ft. (2200 mm)

Weight: The float tank’s total weight when filled with salt and water is approx. 2,315 lbs. (1.050 kg), the machinery and the cabin each weighing 440 lbs.(200 kg)

Heating System: Teflon-insulated heat cables heats up and maintain the water temperature silently (0,1 Celsius grade steps)

Internal Lighting: 62 pieces underwater LED lighting for a selection of colour therapies, comprised of 10 colours

Sound Therapy: Underwater speakers, with the relaxation soundtrack of choice (16 pre-programmed music + external music source connection)

Electricity: Electricity source: 230V, 1 phase / 110 V (European or North-American version)

Cable: 3×2.5 mm double grounded cable

Fuse: 25 Ampère, characteristic C

Water: The Float SPA® cabin is closed water system, with a 1/2” network connection.

Podium: The mechanical wiring of the float cabin is installed under the flooring, so the flotation tank / floatation tank must be placed on an elevated pedestal with an upper surface, 10 in. (26 cm) off the ground

Needed space: Minimum of cca. 13.1’ x 8.2’ x 9’ (400 cm x 250 cm x 275 cm) / float tank




FLOAT SPA PREMIUM® FLOATING TANK SYSTEM – TECHNICAL DETAILS                                        TARIC CODE: 9019-200000
THE WORKING METHOD OF THE FLOAT SPA PREMIUM FLOATING TANK SYSTEM: The floatation happens in the floating cabin on the surface of body-warm water mixed with 30% MgSO4 (food quality). The floating program takes 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 minutes. The customer enjoys a short few minutes session with sound, (optional aroma) and light therapy at the beginning and at the end. In the middle there is a session in sensory deprivation where there is no light and sound, just a peaceful flotation experience. The water is cleaned and treated before and after every floating session in 4+1 different ways (I. acrylic super fine paper filter, II. glass-sand (quartz) filter, III. UV disinfection lamp, IV. chemical injection + V. periodically an active coal (carbon) filter is installed. If there is no floating session, the system cleans and circulates the water in the technical room every 2nd hour automatically. The customers need to have a shower before and after floating. The whole amount of „salt water” need to be changed yearly or after every cca. 800-1000 floating sessions (depends on the quality and the optical parameters of the water). The main units of the system: cabin (float pod/flotation pod), LCD touch screen display, water preparation tank, technical unit with pump and filters, controlling box with switches and fuses, 225 kg food quality MgSO4, chemicals, accessories, pipes, etc.
THE CABIN MADE OF: Vacuum formed antibacterial sanitary acrylic material (for the best surface for hygiene), with anti-slip step in area, 3 stainless steel  inside grip, 1 internal in-light safety/panic button. The cabin lid is fitted with top quality gas springs in order to easily lift, hold and stop in any position.
CABIN SIZE: Length: 2500 mm, Width: 1770 mm, Height (in closed position):1240 mm, Height (in maximal opened position): 2200 mm
CABIN WEIGHT: The empty weight of the cabin is cca 200 kg. The cabin weight filled with the full amount of water and MgSO4 included one person is cca 1100 kg.
THE WEIGHT OF THE WATER – MgSO4 MIXTURE: 700 liter liquid, cca 800 kg, cca 600 l hygienic tap water and 200 kg MgSO4 (food quality). The machine comes with 225 kg MgSO4 (25 kg extra for later refills).
DISPLAY AND SOFTWARE: LCD touch screen display, fitted in the cabin’s room, built in memory floating encounter. Water temperature set up, water cleaning system parameters, light, aroma and sound control. Remote software access via internet to technicians.
INNER LIGHT: 62 pieces LED lights under the water level, 10 variety of colours, 1 in-light safety button.
SOUND AND AROMATHERAPY: Underwater speaker, programmed musics and external music connection. Changable aroma spounge (not included aroma oils).
HEATING SYSTEM: Energy efficient insulated heaters. The cabin and the water preparation tank is heated also, but only one is activated at the same time.
WEIGHT OF THE ENGINEERING: Water treatment tank, engineering unit with control box. Empty: 300 kg, filled full with water cca 1200 kg
ELECTRIC CONNECTION: 110V 20A /230V 16A, 1 phase, grounded. Wire: 3×2,5 mm. Fuse: 20/16 A, C characteristic. Consumption: max. 1,5 kW/hour
WATER, DRAIN: cca 600 liter hygienic tap water for the first fill up. It is advisable to use warm (not hot!) water in order to get the right temperature quicker. It is recommended to build floor drain under the flotation / floatation pod and in the technical room. In the cabin’s room you may need to build a shower and hand washing basin with hot and cold water.
PODIUM IN THE CABIN’S ROOM: The wires and pipes goes under the cabin so a podium is needed. It can be a prefabricated Float Spa podium assembled on the site or a built version. The built version: brutto (tiled) height of the podium is 26 cm (made from concrete or XPS, and the top surface is tiled). Please pay attention to the weight of the whole construction. The cabin is placed in the hole cut in the podium marked according to the model provided by Float Spa Kft. Mobil platform can be built of waterproof blockboard.
FLOAT SPA ENGINEERING: The technical and engineering unit can be placed in the same room with the cabin or in a different room. Sound insulation is important if the engineering unit is placed in the same room. The units have to be attached to each other.
AIR VENTILATION: It is recommended to install silent, stainless steel/rust proof air ventilation system and suction in the room of the pod and in the technical room also. It is against the humidity, the salty damp and heat.
SOUND AND LIGHT INSULATION: In order to get maximum floating experience the sound (side walls, floor, ceiling, doors, windows) and light isolation is very important.
ROOM REQUIREMENTS: The minimal size of the cabin’s room is cca 14-16m², the minimal size of the technical room is cca 3-4m². For the delivery and installation a size of minimum 80 cm doorway needed with a sufficient corridor size and height.
More detailed information in the installation description. All rights reserved. Float Spa Kft. 2015.

Literature about floating: John C. Lilly – The deep shelf; Michael Hutchison – The book of floating; Shane Stott – The float tank cure


Please feel free to get a quote by referring to your location (Country, State, City) and the numbers of float tanks or float rooms you would like to purchase in e-mail to info@floatspa.com

Floating can be  a good business too, we have our ROI Return of Investment business plan calculation ready to help you in your business decision.

Should you need further information about our float tank or simply prefer a friendly call, please do not hesitate to contact us via any means displayed on our Contact page.

Legal Disclaimer

The Float SPA® floatation tank does not qualify as medical equipment as defined by current legislation. The information presented here contains information that is based on the experiences of clients who used the cabin. They reported experiencing beneficial effects following their flotation session or sessions. These experiences have not been corroborated by clinical trials, but will serve as the basis for future research.

The specific salt water concentration inside the Float SPA® flotation tank has been proven to benefit skin conditions, based on IN VITRO and IN VIVO tests.

Individual results may vary. Before using the Float SPA® flotation cabin, please consult your physician. It is not a substitute for traditional medication or treatment prescribed by a doctor, or any other therapeutic method; it is intended to be used as a complementary wellness treatment.