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Premium Floating Tank and Floating Room Manufacturer

As a floating tank/pod and floating room manufacturer we regularly take part on conferences, exhibitions, fairs, trade shows.

2017. August 10-13. Float Conference and Workshop, Portland, Oregon, USA

Conference                                                                      How to start a float center workshop

Float Conference 2017 Portland, Oregon, USAFloat Spa at Float Conference workshop 2017 2

Conference booth

Float Spa at Float Conference 2017 with Wonderfloat

Photo with float legends Glenn & Lee Perry + Robert Prekup left, András Huszár right

Float Spa photo with float legends Glenn & Lee Perry


2016. August 18-21. Float Conference, Portland, Oregon, USA

How to start a float center workshop at Hoffmann Hall and Float Conference in the Newmark Theater

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DSCN1715 DSCN1727 DSCN1729

Float Spa, Robert meets Ashkahn at the Float Conference in Portland, 2015



Hungarian Design Award 2011, CEO András HuszárEuropean Health & Spa Award Nominee in Best Product Innovation