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100% water removal/filtration, reservoir style, self draining float room!

Because of the spacious size of our Float Rooms 2 people can float together at the same time. The Float Spa Premium Floating Room System has an attractive design a professional water treatment system with 2 external water reservoir tanks a user friendly software and a reliable energy efficient hardware.

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Float Spa Premium Floating Room in Sudbury ON Canada

In the floating room (isolation room) manufactured by us, you can have a 30, 60. 90, 120 or 180 minutes floating session in a very clean and hygienic water contains 30% MgSO4 (magnesium sulfate). In the floating program there is light-, sound- and aroma- (if needed) therapy at the beginning and at the end. In the middle of your session you enjoy a weightless, silent, peaceful, body warm sensory deprivation environment (like in the mother womb) with no light, so your brain can relax (sensory deprivation) and can get into a deep meditative (Theta) state. In this state of mind according to the literature your body and brain can relax and regenerate 4-5 times faster than during sleeping. This is a very effective way to get rid of stress. The MgSO4 and the floatation has several positive effects on your body, skin, muscles, joints and spine.

Our company Float Spa Kft. is the manufacturer of the Float Spa Premium Floating Room System and we have our own manufacturing/production site.

We have our own return of investment ROI business plan calculation ready to help your business decision and to help to compare the size of your investment and the ROI times (only cca. few weeks ROI difference can be calculated by the price between the manufacturers) when you choose us or other manufacturers. This is a one time investment into the hygiene and design (into the premium of floating) which can be beneficial for many years and can be greatly appreciated by your floating guests. Please check our list of references here: http://floatspa.com/references-installed-systems/

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Float Spa Float Room plan layout

Float Spa Float Room plan layout


Why to choose the Float Spa Premium Floating Room System?

  • Maximum hygiene, top water treatment/cleaning technology (the pool is emptied and the water cleaned before and after every floating session in 4 different ways, and if there is no floating, the system cleans the water in every 2nd our automatically). We prefer to use H2O2 (active oxygen), but chlorine can be used also. You can set the parameters of the water cleaning system in our software.
  • Spacious pool one of the biggest in the floating industry
  • Overfilling sensor to avoid the mess
  • Leakage sensor in the technical room to avoid any accident
  • The float room is emptied from the salt water between each floating session and the complete amount of salty water pumped through our complex water cleaning system
  • The water stored in 2 separated water reservoir tanks (in the technical room), so it is pumped into the room through the filters  just before you float
  • The water is heated SILENTLY, passively in the reservoir tank and in the float room pool also, it doesn’t get cold through your session
  • Energy efficient operating (max. consumption 2,5 kW/hour)
  • Easy changeable filters (glass-sand filter, acrylic paper filter, periodical active coal/carbon) no special maintenance person needed, everything can be done according to our user’s manual with up to 200 sessions filter changing period
  • The MgSO4 (food quality) magnesiumsulphate in the water has several positive effects on your body, 450 kg food quality MgSO4 is included
  • Easy cleaning of the pool: the empty room pool can be cleaned from the salt by simply rinsing with a normal hand shower
  • Computerized control unit with touch screen display, CE certificate, QPS report (North America, Canada, USA)
  • Remote software analysis and software updates
  • You can choose the music you want from 14 pre-programmed music or you can play your own music by connect to a jack plug
  • You can set various beautiful light programs as you want (10 colours and more than 60 LEDs!)
  • You can get aromatherapy or fresh air blow
  • We can help you with the interior design of your Float Spa room (optional)
  • Professional installing team, we have our own production site
  • TARIC/CUSTOM code: 9019-200000

Float roomFloat room

For who do we offer our wellness product?

  • For all the people who pay attention to their health, want to relax, get rid of stress, learn to meditate and experience floating
  • Athletes, sportsmen, busy business people
  • Hotels to offer something new and innovative
  • Spas, Day Spas to widen their services
  • Floating-, sport-,  wellness-, beauty- and health centers

Check out our descriptive information page to find more on the positive effects of floating.

Literature about floating: John C. Lilly – The deep shelf; Michael Hutchison – The book of floating; Shane Stott – The float tank cure


Please feel free to get a quote by referring to your location (Country, State, City) and the numbers of float tanks or float rooms you would like to purchase in e-mail to info@floatspa.com

Floating can be  a good business too, we have our ROI Return of Investment business plan calculation ready to help you in your business decision.

Should you need further information or simply prefer a friendly call, please do not hesitate to contact us via any means displayed on our Contact page.

Legal Disclaimer

The Float SPA® floatation room does not qualify as medical equipment as defined by current legislation. The information presented here contains information that is based on the experiences of clients who used the cabin. They reported experiencing beneficial effects following their flotation session or sessions. These experiences have not been corroborated by clinical trials, but will serve as the basis for future research.

The specific salt water concentration inside the Float SPA® flotation room has been proven to benefit skin conditions, based on IN VITRO and IN VIVO tests.

Individual results may vary. Before using the Float SPA® flotation room, please consult your physician. It is not a substitute for traditional medication or treatment prescribed by a doctor, or any other therapeutic method; it is intended to be used as a complementary wellness treatment.