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Float Spa is proud to present a scientifically proven, time-efficient method of unwinding and regenerating from the daily grind. Floating in float tanks and in float rooms. Click ‘read more’ to find out more about floating, float tanks and how they work.

Floating is a means of intense relaxation, based on the perfect state experienced while inside the womb. The beneficial effects of floating mimic those found in nature: the Dead Sea in Jordan, known for its high salt concentration, attracts thousands of visitors each year to relax and treat various medical conditions by immersing themselves in the water.

Floating in the Dead Sea

A float tank (also called floating tank,  flotation or floatation tank, float pod, flotation/floatation pod or isolation tank, sensory deprivation chamber/tank) combines this natural healing phenomenon with modern technology, making it accessible in an urban environment.

The Float Spa Premium Float Tank/Pod System:


The basis of floatation is the high salt concentration water in the float tank, allowing the body to float on the surface of the water in a kind of “no gravity”. The body is in a state of weightlessness, and the cabin with the built surroundings blocks all noise and light, thereby creating an atmosphere of total relaxation.

The concept of the float tank(also called isolation tank, sensory deprivation tank/chamber, floatation pod) was devised by American neurophysiologist John C. Lilly, who conducted research in 1954 on the effects of sensory deprivation. He built the first float tank to prove this, using it to observe the connection between the conscience and the brain. His theory – according to which if all stimulation is withdrawn, all external environmental effects are eliminated, the human brain goes into a so – called THETA state, which directly precedes sleep under normal conditions was confirmed. Following John C. Lilly’s experiments, research into the effects of floatation continued in universities, health centres and hospitals, resulting in the creation of a global organisation, IRIS (International R.E.S.T. Investigators Society).The doctors and researchers of IRIS regularly publish their results, which form a body of pioneering work in the field of modern medicine.

Float Spa Premium Floating Tank/Pod System:

Vancouver-05 Metta Rest Spa, Canada flotation pod

Flotation Explained

In one sentence: the main feature of sensory deprivation is to exclude the effects of both gravity, light and sound on the brain in a state of floatation.

In more details: Floatation therapy is a powerful stress relief and wellness tool, offering multitude of physical and mental benefits. During a floatation session, the client rests within a sensory-controlled environment, floating on the surface of a super-saturated salt water solution. This experience is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for the body and mind. It reduces harmful stress hormones, alleviates pain and tension, and stimulates the release of beneficial endorphins within the brain.

reduce stress, headache and phosocal pain

When all external stimuli are removed in the isolation tank – called REST, Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy -, the human brain goes into what is called the “Alpha” or “Theta” brainwave state. This is the state which directly precedes sleep, and is similar to the state induced by relaxation training, hypnosis, meditation, yoga and massage, both from a psychological and physical perspective.

brain waves, alpha state

One primary result of floating, is allowing the client a short amount of time to be free from the effects of gravity. Muscles and joints are relieved of their load, enabling them to relax completely. While floating, the body is in a state of weightlessness, due to the water’s high salt concentration, which allows the client to float effortlessly on the surface of the water. The tank also blocks all noise and light, thereby creating an atmosphere free of any distractions, resulting in complete physical and mental unwinding. The fewer distractions there are, the more intense the regenerative effect on the body. This weightless, stimulus-free environment frees the brain from the constant task of orienting the body in space (proprioception) and processing sensory input. By creating a kind of neurological gap, the brain and nervous system are automatically redirected to the task of deep relaxation and restoring balance (homeostasis) in the mind and body.

Benefits of Floating

University research has confirmed the anecdotal experiences of people taking part in floatation: dramatic reduction in circulating stress hormones; downshifting of the mind from normal waking consciousness (beta state) or hyperactive consciousness (gamma state) to a more serene and meditative state of conscious (alpha or theta state); holistic balancing of the body and mind; as well as noticeable physical benefits to nearly every organ of the body. However, individual results may vary.

A single (REST) floatation session yields immediate benefits. The detrimental effects of stress on the body are dissipated: tense muscles relax, and the mind is able to let go and relax into a state of deep calm. These effects can last for days or weeks, and successive floatation sessions have cumulative effects.

Target Audience

Floating is recommended for: businesspeople, students, tired employees, athletes, and people affected by skeletal and joint conditions, respiratory symptoms, or those just simply wishing to unwind.


AMBER – YELLOW: stimulates the mind, prepares for action, helps gain self – confidence. Purifies the skin, removes toxins and cellulite. Cosmetic use: improves skin condition and tightens pores.

OPAL – WHITE: in autumn and winter substitutes for sunshine, stimulates serotonin production – the hormone responsible for sleep and nervous system.

TOPAZ – ORANGE: helps fight depression, improves self – confidence, vitality and intellectual capabilities. Improves kidney function and circulation, Increases metabolism (helpful in preventing weight gain and in stimulating weight loss).

AMETHYST – VIOLET: calms the nervous system, improves sleep, relieves stress and anxiety, stimulates the imagination. Purifies the skin, improves lymph circulation. Helps fight cellulite and heal wounds.

RUBY – RED: raises blood pressure, fights depression, stimulates sexual vigour, emotional and mental activity.

EMERALD – GREEN: mentally relaxing and harmonising, improves cardiovascular conditions resulting from prolonged stress, fights fatigue and sleeplessness. In dermatology: soothes skin irritation and inflammation.

SAPPHIRE – BLUE: relaxing and calming, improves quality of sleep. Recommended for phobic and nervous conditions. Has a positive influence on concentration and meditation. Helpful in treating headaches, sore throat, painful joints and obesity.


Many celebrities and prominent people are committed and regular users of floating and likes the isolation therapy. The list includes: Joe Rogan, the 2015 Superbowl finalists Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots team, swimming champion Michael Phelps, US runner Carl Lewis, NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal and English football player Wayne Rooney, who has a Float cabin in his home. The Dallas Cowboys team has their own floating cabin facility, where players unwind following training sessions. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Phillies baseball teams also use this method. Floating cabins are used three times a week in physiotherapy in the Australian Institute of Sport for treating sports injuries and rehabilitation. However, the method is not restricted to athletes, famous actors Susan Sarandon, Jeff Bridges and legends John Lennon, Michael Jackson and Robin Williams were both devotees of floating.

„Second best thing to being in Heaven.” Richard Jones – Australian Senator

Literature about floating: John C. Lilly – The deep shelf; Michael Hutchison – The book of floating; Shane Stott – The float tank cure

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Floating in our pods:

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