Flotation in salty water (Epsom salt / MgSO4) is a powerful stress relief and wellness tool, offering multitude of physical and mental benefits. During a flotation session / floatation session, the client rests within a sensory-controlled environment (in a floating tank/floating room), floating on the surface of a super-saturated salt-water solution (filled with Epsom salt= MgSO4). The floating person cannot sense any smell, any noise, any light and any gravity! This experience is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for the body and mind. It may reduce harmful stress hormones, alleviates pain and tension, and stimulates the release of beneficial endorphins within the brain.

The concept of the float tank is based on the total sensory deprivation. When all external stimuli are removed, the human brain goes into what is called the “Alpha” or “Theta” brainwave state. This is the state, which directly precedes the sleeping, and is similar to the state induced by relaxation training, hypnosis, meditation, yoga and massage, both from a psychological and physical perspective.

There are some natural way of floating in the nature too, like the Dead Sea in Jordan, and other high concentration salt lakes and seas.

Float Spa Premium Floating introduction video

The concept of the float tank(also called isolation tank, sensory deprivation tank/chamber, floatation pod) was devised by American neurophysiologist John C. Lilly, who conducted research in 1954 on the effects of sensory deprivation. He built the first float tank to prove this, using it to observe the connection between the conscience and the brain. His theory – according to which if all stimulation is withdrawn, all external environmental effects are eliminated, the human brain goes into a so – called THETA state, which directly precedes sleep under normal conditions was confirmed. Following John C. Lilly’s experiments, research into the effects of floatation continued in universities, health centres and hospitals, resulting in the creation of a global organisation, IRIS (International R.E.S.T. Investigators Society).The doctors and researchers of IRIS regularly publish their results, which form a body of pioneering work in the field of modern medicine.

One primary result of floating, is allowing the client a short amount of time to be free from the effects of gravity. Muscles and joints are relieved of their load, enabling them to relax completely. The body is in a state of weightlessness thanks to the saline solution, allowing the body to float effortlessly on the surface of the water. The cabin blocks most of the noise and light and together with the insulation of the cabin’s room creating an atmosphere deprived of all stimuli allowing total relaxation. The fewer the distracting factors, the deeper the regenerative effect on the body. This weightless, stimulus-free environment frees the brain from the constant task of orienting the body in space (proprioception) and processing sensory input. By creating a kind of neurological gap, the brain and nervous system are automatically redirected to the task of deep relaxation and restoring balance (homeostasis) in the mind and body.

Sensory deprivation R.E.S.T.

Sensory deprivation, or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST), is a technique/method by which sensory input (light, sound, smell, gravity, etc.) is minimized. This practice encourages/ may provide an extremely deep level of relaxation. REST is typically happening in a float tank, in which the person is suspended/floating in a solution of body-warm water and Epsom salt typically without sound or light. This relaxation technique produces significant physical and mental benefits to the user.

Specific gravity / salt concentration / hydrometer

Specific gravity is the ratio of the density of our salt water to that of pure H2O=freshwater (which has a specific gravity of 1.00, seawater is 1.020-1.035, the Dead Sea is 1.17-1.227/1.30). It can be measured precisely by a precision density hydrometers, range: 1.000-1.500 in 0.005 gr/cm3

A human body has a specific gravity of approx. 1.02 to 1.097, so we have to keep the specific gravity level higher than this.

The salty water of the float tank should contain at least 30% MgSO4 (Epsom salt) compared by the volume of MgSO4 (in kg) to the quantity of freshwater (tapwater in liter).

In a float tank, the range of specific gravity should be kept between 1.12-1.30. Preferably in the range of 1,13- 1,28 with most (North American) centers running their tanks between 1.25-1.28 (which means most float tank solutions are 1.25-1.28 times as dense as regular water).

If the specific gravity gets too high (above about 1.30-1.32), your tank water will pass its saturation point and will be unable to absorb any more salt. Crystals will start to form, which can clog up your filtration system and cause your pump to seize.

If the specific gravity is too low (usually below 1.12), users will not be as buoyant in the water. This can cause issues such as spinal discomfort and saltwater getting into users’ eyes (from their heads floating at a lower level in the tank).

Optimally it has to be between 1.13-1.28 (or in the green zone if you use the special green and red color Float Spa hydrometer, which is included in your shipment).

MgSO4 (Epsom salt) quality

Please check what kind of MgSO4 is included in your shipment or what kind of MgSO4 you want to order. We -Float Spa Kft.- deliver our Float Spa Premium Floating Systems with FCC grade (food quality) MgSO4 (Epsom salt). You need clean, good quality, fine, not rough MgSO4 for the best water quality and hygiene. At least food quality (FCC grade) is recommended. Industrial quality MgSO4 is not good, not clean enough, pharmaceutical quality is very good, but not really needed and it is expensive. The Float Spy systems can be used only with MgSO4 (Epsom salt)! Other kind of salt (NaCl or Himalayan salt) is not allowed to use and it can damage the parts of the system!

pH level in the salty water of the float tank 6,5-7,5

The pH range is from 0 to 14. Pure water has a neutral pH of 7. pH values lower than 7 are acidic, and pH values higher than 7 are alkaline (basic).

The average right pH level in the salty (MgSO4) water of a floating tank is 6,5 -7,5. The optimal pH level is 6,8. You can check this with a pH tester, pH meter. You may need to use pH- (pH minus) or pH+ (pH plus) in order to decrease or increase the pH level. Please check the pH level regularly and after the use of pH+ or pH-. Sodium Carbonate (baking soda) can increase the pH level, if the water is acidic <7. Sodium Hydrogen Sulphite can decrease/lower the pH level, if the water is alkaline >7. Please use these products according to their description and with good care.

Target audience

A flotation session yields immediate benefits. The detrimental effects of stress on our bodies are dissipated; tense muscles relax, our brain is cleared of negative thoughts, and the cabin excludes all intrusive elements, which interfere with physical and mental regeneration. Floating is therefore recommended for all those — business people, students, tired employees, athletes or people affected by hip and spinal conditions, aching joints, breakouts, asthma or allergy symptoms, or those just simply wishing to unwind.

These effects may last for days, even weeks, and the effects of consecutive flotation sessions are cumulative.

Floating as a business or service is offered for float centers, spas, hotels, ski-hotels, wellness/health centers, sport clubs, doctor's practices, private properties, etc.

Benefits of flotation

Attention! Based on the current legislation, the FLOAT SPA floating tanks and floating rooms does not qualify as a medical device. The information presented above also contains information that is based on the experiences collected from patients using the cabin, in which they reported beneficial effects that fall outside the scope of the approved indication area of the device based on the currently effective legislation. These experiences are not corroborated by clinical trials, but can serve as the basis for future research.

Please check the Contraindications of floating chapter and consult with your doctor and then with the receptionist of the float center prior your float session. Please inform the guests/floaters before their first float session about the contraindications and benefits of floating.

University research has confirmed the anecdotal experiences of people taking part in flotation: dramatic reduction in circulating stress hormones; downshifting of the mind from normal waking consciousness (beta state) or hyperactive consciousness (gamma state) to a more serene and meditative state of conscious (alpha or theta state); holistic balancing of the body and mind; as well as noticeable physical benefits to nearly every organ, the spine, skin and respiratory system of the body. However, individual results may vary.

Some of the subjective benefits (according to the literature, float centers and internet searches and studies):

Enhance your learning capability i.e. concentration, memory, and focus, reduces back pain, reducing recovery time from injuries (athletes), Improve sleep patterns, Normalize blood pressure, Enhances ability to stay focused and concentrate, Unlock the creative centers in your brain, Destress and relaxation, Aids in helping people quit smoking, Helps reduce cortisol related weight gain, Increases athletic performance (energy, stamina, strength, quicker recovery), Achieve effortless visualization, Increases your body’s ability to detoxify with the mineral rich salt bath, Strengthens immune system, Improve skin tone, Helps release endorphins-the body’s natural opiates, Pain relief from injuries/ailments, Eliminates the pressure of gravity allowing the body to free up healing energy, Helps the brain produce theta waves which are mirrored in the advanced art of meditation. Theta waves promote productivity, creativity, and a sense of inner peace or enlightenment, creates an environment for meditation and lucid dreaming, Stimulates right brain activity, which allows us to absorb and learn information on a larger scale. Floating creates a harmony in the brain on all levels: primal, visceral, and neocortex. This balancing between the brain layers creates an exhilarating experience for the body, including vitality and a feeling of “oneness” with the universe. Helps reduce addictive behavior, Aides in female fertility; Helps balance hormones, Alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety, Reduce migraines, Relieves inflammation in joints, Improves spinal issues, Increase magnesium absorption….

Famous floaters

Many celebrities and prominent people are committed and regular users of floating and likes the isolation therapy. The list includes: Novak Djokovic tennis player, NFL Teams like Buffalo Bills (they have a Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System!), Joe Rogan, the 2015 Superbowl finalists Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots team, swimming champion Michael Phelps, US runner Carl Lewis, NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal and English football player Wayne Rooney, who has a Float cabin in his home. The Dallas Cowboys team has their own floating cabin facility, where players unwind following training sessions. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Phillies baseball teams also use this method. Floating cabins are used three times a week in physiotherapy in the Australian Institute of Sport for treating sports injuries and rehabilitation. However, the method is not restricted to athletes, famous actors Susan Sarandon, Jeff Bridges and legends John Lennon, Michael Jackson and Robin Williams were both devotees of floating and some US Air Force and NATO air bases also have float tanks in use.

Float tanks (pods) vs. Float rooms regarding the Float Spa Premium Floating products

Float tanks (cabin/pod has a lid) are more about sensory deprivation and have a more unique design, very attractive shape and easier to control the atmosphere, it is VERY IMPORTANT a perfect micro climate can be created, where the world is closed out and the temperature of the water, air and body is becoming very quickly same temperature. You cannot even feel which part of your body is in the water and which is out. So it is easier to reach the deep meditative THETA state, and a relaxed, anti-stressed, creative and positive brain state, which is desired during the floating session. 1 hour of floating in this state is equal to cca. 4-5 hours of sleeping. Floating in salty MgSO4 (magnesium sulphate) water has many physical and mental benefits too. The mental benefits are more complex in a float tank (pod), which has a top lid. In floating every little parameter is important to reach the perfect floating experience (temperature, humidity, silence...). The float tank (pod) is an isolated, protected environment.

Our Float Spa Premium Float tanks (pods with a lid) are used as a therapy against claustrophobia, because the lid of our premium float tank can be stopped in any position, so you close down as much as you wish! If the target is sensory deprivation and professional floating experience, definitely our Premium Floating Tanks (with a lid) are the right choice.

Our Float Spa Premium float rooms (pool design without a lid but it can fit 2 people) are more about very heavily (seriously) claustrophobic people and more for wellness, for fun, enjoyment and for pair therapies. Mainly sold for private use for families, for fun/parties, etc. where people want to float together. However, floating should be done alone (1 person at a time) to have maximum relaxing physical and mental recharge.

More people who have tried both, any kind of float tanks and float rooms, usually prefers float tanks (with a lid) for the perfect float experience and for the special micro-climate can be created under the lid.

The meaning of colours/lights during a float session

AMBER – YELLOW: stimulates the mind, prepares for action, helps gain self – confidence. Purifies the skin, removes toxins and cellulite. Cosmetic use: improves skin condition and tightens pores.

OPAL – WHITE: in autumn and winter substitutes for sunshine, stimulates serotonin production – the hormone responsible for sleep and nervous system.

TOPAZ – ORANGE: helps fight depression, improves self – confidence, vitality and intellectual capabilities. Improves kidney function and circulation, Increases metabolism (helpful in preventing weight gain and in stimulating weight loss).

AMETHYST – VIOLET: calms the nervous system, improves sleep, relieves stress and anxiety, stimulates the imagination. Purifies the skin, improves lymph circulation. Helps fight cellulite and heal wounds.

RUBY – RED: raises blood pressure, fights depression, stimulates sexual vigour, emotional and mental activity.

EMERALD – GREEN: mentally relaxing and harmonising, improves cardiovascular conditions resulting from prolonged stress, fights fatigue and sleeplessness. In dermatology: soothes skin irritation and inflammation.

SAPPHIRE – BLUE: relaxing and calming, improves quality of sleep. Recommended for phobic and nervous conditions. Has a positive influence on concentration and meditation. Helpful in treating headaches, sore throat, painful joints and obesity.


Special attention for pregnant women, children, elderly people, disabled people.

Pregnant woman can really enjoy the benefits of floating, especially when they have back pain. Many float centers offers packages for pregnant women. However, pregnancy is a special condition, especially the first 3 months (1st trimester), so we recommend for pregnant women to have floating sessions after the 1st trimester is over.

As far as we know, there is no exact regulation for children for floating. Please check your local/regional/national regulations. Most of the float centers say a child over the age of nine, but under the age of 14 can float only with the permission and with the supervision of the parent(s). Children over 14 can float alone, but with the permission of the parent(s).

Older people can also enjoy floating, but they may need assistance getting in and out of the float pool. Because of their special health conditions, the staff of the float center may not know how to help properly, therefor it is recommended for older people if they have difficulties getting in and out of the float pool to bring their own assistance person (people) to help them and –if they need- to stay with them during the floating session

A disabled person can also enjoy floating, but they may need assistance getting in and out of the float pool. Because of their special health conditions, the staff of the float center may not know how to help properly, therefor it is recommended for disabled people to bring their own assistance person (people) to help them and to stay with them during the floating session.

Contraindications of floating / special health conditions

There are not too many contraindications for floating; however, clients are floating on their own risk. We encourage clients to check with their doctor when beginning any new health regimen, such as flotation. People of almost all ages (9-99) can float, though the younger should float with adult supervising. There are very few contraindications. Please ask your doctor or the receptionist of the float center if you have any question or make your own research on the internet, etc.

It is not allowed to float under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if you have infectious skin or respiratory disorders, open wounds, incontinence, epilepsy or serious mental conditions (schizophrenia), high-risk pregnancy.

It is not advisable to float right after shaving because it can cause discomfort in the sensitive skin, impairing your floating experience. If there is only a small, not deep shaving cut/bruise, it can be covered with vaseline. People with serious and recent skin injuries should not float. People with schizophrenia or serious mental illnesses cannot float being that only under supervision can epileptic patients float. People with serious skin problems should not float. It is also unadvisable the utilization by people with serious hypertension.

Open injuries of the skin (cuts, but also open places with skin diseases). Infectious diseases. Menstruation. Diarrhea. People should not be under the influence of drugs. Also, not when they suffer from an acute psychosis (extreme perceptual distortions, delusions or even acute suicide). A consultation with a doctor (possibly accompanied by a practitioner) is necessary for mentally unstable persons.

If your hair dye is fresh, though (less than a week), there is a chance the float water could bleach it.  The guideline is that you should wait until the dye is set enough that it does not come off when you dry with a towel. If you are seriously coughing, sneezing, or your nose is running, floating is not a great idea – it will be almost impossible for you to avoid getting the saltwater in your face and that will sting a lot.  We want you to enjoy your float, and you will not if your nose is burning.

Diabetic: There is some indication that magnesium (from Epsom salt) can affect your blood glucose, but this is not well studied.  It is also possible that soaking in Epsom salt can dry your skin, increasing your risk of cracking.  If you are diabetic, please consult your doctor before floating.

Pregnancy: As always, it is important that you check with your health care provider first, for any conditions that might be specific to you.  We are not qualified to give medical advice. Many women have no problem with floating through their pregnancy, and report that they find powerful relief in a tank, and a wonderfully enhanced connection with their baby. In some places, they say pregnant women are allowed to float only after the first trimester (first 3 months of pregnancy) is over. It is not because floating could be any bed effect on pregnancy, but in the first 3 months of pregnancy there is a bigger chance of spontaneous abortion anyway.

Children: In some places, clients aged fourteen years and up are allowed to float on their own recognizance and children aged nine years and up are allowed to float if a guardian is present in the center and prepared to attend to the child if they come out of their session early.

Claustrophobia: many people have worries of one kind or another, but it is very rarely a problem. For one, the tank is actually much bigger on the inside than you might think, and you can sit up and move around easily. If you want, you can also leave the door cracked or wide open with a light on — some people find that helpful. The key to remember is you are in total control of the experience.

Generally, contraindications include powerful sedatives, being prone to seizures (e.g. epilepsy), or schizophrenia.  Magnesium from the Epsom salt can interact with certain antibiotics and muscle relaxants, and may be an issue if you have kidney problems (as the kidneys are responsible for processing Magnesium).  People with low blood pressure should take extra care, especially when standing up after floating.

Epilepsy: if you are epileptic and do not have it under control, this would be a contraindication to floatation therapy.

Contact lenses: if you wear contact lenses, make sure you do not get salt in your eyes, or remove them before your float.

Parkinson’s disease: In terms of managing Parkinson’s disease floatation therapy is a quick way of attaining a very deep relaxation, and helps to briefly heal the anxieties caused by having a progressive condition. Blood pressure and heart rate drop and oxygen intake improves. The therapy also helps to alleviate stress and pain.

Rarely, clients may experience nausea. This is typically indicative of a detox reaction responding to stress—which is often held in the stomach. Ultimately, releasing this stress is beneficial—though it may be uncomfortable at that moment. While this level of nausea is fairly uncommon, we do ask that guests exit the pod if they believe they may get sick. Flotation is powerful; please remember to drink plenty of water after your session!

Source: internet and float centers

Please make your own search and study and feel free to consult with your doctor before you float.

Recommendations for users before floating

The guests use the Float tank on their own risk. If the guest has concern about flotation, please contact her/his doctor and a member of staff and read the descriptions about contraindications.

Floating is the best when you not use any kind of accessories and you are floating alone and not wearing anything at all (naked). Any kind of object, accessory used during your float session can be a distraction, a perception, an information to your brain.

For optimally using the Float SPA® float tank, the following should be taken into account and adhered to; in you are offering the sessions as a service, post the following instructions next to the tank.

  • It is recommended to switch off or put it in silent mode phones and other electronics before the session to ensure maximum relaxation.
  • Take off any jewelers prior to using the float tank.
  • Eating and drinking in the tank is prohibited.
  • If you have just shaved, the upper layer of the skin may be sensitive, recommended to cover with vaseline.
  • Floating is not recommended in case of any severe injuries to the epidermis, deep or open wounds.
  • If you are on medication, consult your physician prior to flotation.
  • It is recommended to use the toilet before floating, before showering.
  • Every user/floater has to take a full body shower and then remove/rinse the foam from the skin and hair properly. The shower cleans the body and open the pores.
  • Before starting the session, remove all makeup using the remover available in the service area.
  • During the float session, the head is partially in contact with the water. To avoid this, you can use the available headrest, bathing cap, earplugs, and swimming goggles, which, however, these decrease the effectiveness and experience of the FLOAT SPA.
  • When floating, be careful to avoid the salt water from coming into contact with eyes (do not touch your eyes with wet hands, be careful when turning your head to the side), as it can irritate your eyes. If water does get into your eyes, wipe your face using the dry towels at your disposal, especially the area around the eyes. If you sit up during the session, tilt your head back so that the water does not drip from your hair into your eyes.
  • Do not drink from the salt water. If any salt water gets into your mouth, rinse with tap water.
  • At the end of the float session, take a shower again to remove the salt from your skin and hair. After the shower following the session, use moisturizing body and face cream to restore moisture to the skin.
  • In case of freshly colored hair, the salt water may draw color from the hair (the coloring agent is filtered by the float tank’s filter system).
  • Consumption of caffeinated drinks or drinks containing taurine is not recommended 2-3 hours prior to flotation, as they may decrease the beneficial, relaxing and resting effect of flotation.
  • Flotation is strictly prohibited under the influence of alcohol or any other psychoactive substances.
  • Progressive introduction is recommended for reaching the total comfort and state of relaxation attainable in the float tank. In case of new users new to flotation, the first session recommended to be restricted to 30 minutes, the second to 30 or 60 minutes, and the third session should last 60 or 90 minutes however most of the people have no problem with 60 minutes sessions.
  • For guests for who are intimidated by their first encounter from slight claustrophobic feelings within the float tank, leave the lid open, and once they are at ease, they can close the lid fully.
  • Flotation fills the user with energy and vitality. In the first few cases, users may fall asleep during the session, as the 60 minutes session corresponds to 4 hours of sleep according to the literature.
  • Try to relax completely during the session, empty your mind of thoughts and relax fully.
  • It is recommended to wait and do not drive a vehicle after approx. 15-20 minutes the float session finished.


Accessories you may need for your floating session

Floating is the best when you not use any kind of accessories and you are floating alone and not wearing anything at all (naked). Any kind of object, accessory used during your float session can be a distraction, a perception, an information to your brain.

However some people (depending on their sensitivity) may need the followings (Nr. 1, 2, 10, 16), and the other items are recommended to make the pre- and post floating time convenient:

  1. Headrest / Halo

Recommended for users that want their heads to emerge to a greater extent from the water during the session, protecting their face from contact with the water, or who feel uncomfortable tilting their head back.

(Headrest is included in the Float Spa package, Halo is not included)

  1. Special earplugs

Recommended in case of sensitive ears to avoid water from entering the ear canal; adapts to the shape of the ear thanks to its pliable material.

  1. Towels (1-2 pcs big size for showering the complete body)
  2. Towel small size for face towel (approx. 20×20 cm size) placed on the side rail/grip in the pool for face/eye towel)
  3. Bathroom floor towel in front of the float pool
  4. Vaseline (to cover small cuts – like shaving cuts)
  5. Shower gel
  6. Shampoo
  7. Drinking water (bottled)
  8. Special bathing cap

Recommended for users who wish to protect their hair from the salt water for health-related or other reasons, e.g. to protect their hairstyles.

  1. Robe (optional)
  2. Slippers (optional)
  3. Make-up remover (optional)
  4. Mirror
  5. Hairdryer
  6. Silicone swimming goggles (optional)

When entering the tank, salt water may come into contact with eyes, but the eyes are not in the water during flotation. Salt water may irritate sensitive eyes, so goggles are available for use as required.

How is a float session in a Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System


The float session happens in the Float Spa Premium floating cabin/tank/pod on the surface of body-warm (appr. 750-800 litres) water including appr. 30% MgSO4 (200-275 kg food quality Epsom salt).

You can choose from 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 minutes long float session on the touch screen display. You can set different light and colour programs (various colour programs or floating without lights), aromatherapy, music on or off (silent floating, continuous music, custom music, external music source) or just simply enjoy our default session. The pool is empty when you step into the room, then it is filling up in front of you with freshly regenerated (4+1 steps water cleaning system) salty water. It takes 6-8 minutes, so meanwhile you can take a shower.

Then the system plays a welcome speech informing you, the float session starts and the length of the session. Then please step inside to the pod, (you can get the 3 grips), close the lid as much as you want, lay down and relax, let yourself go. In the default Float Spa Premium float program you enjoy a few minutes (appr. 5 minutes) session with sound and light therapy (aromatherapy is OFF by default) then the music and lights fades away. The middle of the session is the sensory deprivation phase when there is no light and sound, just a peaceful, protected, safe, body warm floatation experience.

In the last appr. 5 minutes the music and light is gently coming back, the wakening phase starts. Then a good-bye speech is played and the system automatically empties the pool, by pumping out the water through the 4 steps water cleaning system. It takes appr. 6-8 minutes, so you can have a shower again to rinse the salt from your body.

Then the float pool is cleaned (sprayed with disinfectant liquid) or - if you have the optional Back-wash system- sprayed with disinfectant liquid and rinsed with fresh water from the faucet/shower/hosepipe next to the pod. The used salty water is cleaned and treated before and after every floating session in 4 different ways (I. acrylic super fine paper filter, II. glass-sand (green glass) filter, III. UV disinfection lamp, IV. chemical injection (H2O2 or chlorine) + V. periodically an active coal (carbon) filter is installed). If there is no floating session, the system cleans and circulates the water in the technical room every 2nd hour automatically. The whole amount of salt water need to be changed yearly or after every appr. 500-1 000 floating sessions (depends on the quality and the optical parameters of the water). Water depth in the pod: 27-30 cm (10,6''-12'').

Floating as a business

Floating can be  a good business too, we have our ROI Return of Investment business plan calculation ready to help you in your business decision.

Please feel free to get a quote by referring to your location (Country, State, City, residential or public use) and the numbers of float tanks or float rooms you would like to purchase contacting Your Float Spa local distributor(s) shown on our website https://floatspa.com/distributors/ or contact us directly in e-mail to info (at) floatspa.com Your request may be forwarded to the local distributor(s).

Literature about floating: John C. Lilly – The deep shelf; Michael Hutchison – The book of floating; Shane Stott – The float tank cure


Should you need further information about our float tank or simply prefer a friendly call, please do not hesitate to contact us via any means displayed on our Contact page.

Legal Disclaimer

The Float SPA® floatation tank does not qualify as medical equipment as defined by current legislation. The information presented here contains information that is based on the experiences of clients who used the cabin. They reported experiencing beneficial effects following their flotation session or sessions. These experiences have not been corroborated by clinical trials, but will serve as the basis for future research.

The specific salt water concentration inside the Float SPA® flotation tank has been proven to benefit skin conditions, based on IN VITRO and IN VIVO tests.

Individual results may vary. Before using the Float SPA® flotation cabin, please consult your physician. It is not a substitute for traditional medication or treatment prescribed by a doctor, or any other therapeutic method; it is intended to be used as a complementary wellness treatment.

Thank you for the customers of ours and our distributors' allow us to use their images, photos and videos.

We keep the right of mistyping and changing technical solutions.

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