2022. December 22.

Dear Float Spa Customers, Distributors and Partners,

Thank you for choosing us and your confidence in our Premium Floating System.

We also thank you all the support and cooperation throughout the whole year.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Float Spa Team - Float Spa Kft.

News, Media and Awards

Welcome! Our latest projects are:

Installations: in Soneva Jani Island, the Maldives (1 room), Terron-sur-Asine France (1 pod, 1 room), Sri Lanka, Romania (2 pods), Slovenia (1 pod), UK,  Serbia.

2022/2023. installations in Hungary: Szentendre (private), Lenti (Termálfürdő), Balatonfüred Hotel Vinifera, Cardoner Hotel Dobogókő.

New distributor projects 2022/2023: The Netherlands (3 pods), Russia (3 pods), Italy (2 pods), Austria (1 pod+1 room), USA (3 pods + 1 room).


2022. April 25.

Float Spa Kft. announcement on the death of Mr. András Huszár CEO

Dear Partners!

We announce with a heavy heart that our founder and managing director Mr. András Huszár passed away unexpectedly on April 20., 2022.

András Huszár (1981-2022)
András's masterpiece, Float Spa Kft. (the manufacturer of the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System), is carried on by his family and the usual Float Spa Team members.
The operation of the company continues in its unchanged form and enthusiasm - in the spirit of András.

Sincerely yours:

the team of Float Spa Kft., and the Huszár family


2021. December 11.

Dear Float Spa Customers, Distributors, Partners,

We are getting close to the end of this quite interesting and challenging year. Thanks to your numerous orders, we had a very busy year, and the production was ON -like normal- during the whole year. Floating is growing!

We would like to inform you (here too) about our last working day in 2021 is December 17th, our first working day January 4th.

We wish all of you Good Health, Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Float Spa Team - Float Spa Kft.


2021. September 22. CET 16:49 FRAUD/FAKE emails!

Dear Float Spa Distributors, Customers, Partners,
Here is Robert Prekup commercial director from Float Spa Kft., Budapest, Hungary.
Please be informed, that "Accounts Receivable Urgent memo Float SPA Kft." message is a fraud. It was not sent by Float Spa Kft.Fake/fraud message: "Kindly note that we are undergoing our annual bank reconciliation and/ auditing on our account(s) and also reviewing the outstanding balances. Please, be informed that we are going through auditing of all our unpaid invoices and prepaid orders payment in the next 60 days with our auditors, hence we need some clarifications; ......."
It is fake, it is a fraud from a fake email address: is fake.
Please delete it, do not answer that.
We never change our banking details, so it is the same as last time. We never ask for balance and invoice checking.
Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation.
Best regards,
Robert Prekup
commercial director
Andras Huszar

managing director


Kutatás Fejlesztés -Pályázati sajtóközlemény

2021. Summer

Production is ON and very busy with projects from: the Maldives, New Zealand, Qatar, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Turkey, Montenegro, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary....

2021. Spring

The production is ON and busy even during the pandemic.

2020. December 18.

Float Spa Kft. -office and production- is closed for the Christmas Holiday season from 2020. December 21. until 2021. January 3. Office and production will reopen in 2021. January 4. We are wishing all of You Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year! Float Spa Team.

2020. July 28.

Dear Partners and Customers,
We have to inform you that somebody is using our name and created a FAKE floatspa email address!!!!! The hacker sent emails to our customers (mainly to distributors) with fake attached documents!!!!!!
If you got email from andrashuszar (at) or management_ceo (at) the email address - delete it, because it is FAKE.
Float Spa Kft. is using ONLY the info (at) and the  andras (at) email addresses!
We never ask you to pay anything instead of us and never without an official Float Spa Kft. Proforma invoice or Invoice.
Please inform us if you receive Fake/Fraud emails from floatspa.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards,
Andras Huszar
managing director
Robert Prekup
commercial director
  1. April 3. The Float Spa factory/production is ON as normal. Office is working from home office.

  1. March 17.

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Covid 19 info !!!

Dear Float Spa Premium Customers,

We hope you are all doing well under these quite unforeseen circumstances.

Due to some requests we (Float Spa Kft.) have put together an info file about the coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Covid 19 situation and recommendation for floaters, float centers for this special period of time effected by the coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Covid 19.

However please note, we are not virus experts.

Most importantly, please keep and follow the regulations and recommendations of your government, your health department and the WHO World Health Organization by United Nations!:

another website about effected countries:

– Many spas and float centers are doing special actions and paying more attention to their chemical dosing and even rising their chlorine or H2O2 chemical level/dosing during this special coronavirus period. This is a good solution.

– However many spas (not only spas, but schools, universities, cinemas, museums, zoos, etc,) are closed down temporarily by the governments and local authorities anyway in order to minimize human interactions.

– If your float center is closed (in many countries many kind of spas are closed down by the government), you do not have to do any special actions. Just please do a normal maintenance as it is written in the User’s manual.

– If your float center is open, operating during this special coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Covid 19 period, please see the info written below.

Please find below our recommendations.

The efficiency of the Float Spa Premium water cleaning system and water quality mainly relies on the chemical and chemical dosage of what/how you use.

The Float Spa Premium Floating Systems provide a very high, nonparallel hygiene level with its 4+1 steps water cleaning system (using UV-C light, chemical injection, 5 micron paper filter, glass sand filter), with the self draining/emptying pod, the empty pools can be sanitized/disinfected easily and quickly between every floater, with the vacuum formed sanitary acrylic pod, with the sanitary gel coating on float room pools with the external water reservoir tank(s).

The complex water cleaning system of the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System destroys and kills many bacteria, germs, viruses if it is operated properly and with good quality chemical. Please ask/check from your chemical provider (H2O2 or chlorine). As far as we know from the news (of WHO World Health Organization by United Nations, chemical suppliers and internet sites), the coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Covid 19 is not different from other viruses, germs, bacteria. Coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Covid 19 is not stronger, not a bigger challenge for the water cleaning system, not bigger challenge for the water cleaning/swimming pool water cleaning chemicals neither than any other virus.

The coronavirus Covid-19 virus is a virus with a cell membrane. This cell membrane is quite sensitive and can be destroyed by a proper amount of liquid chlorine, or by H2O2 hydrogen peroxide, by UV-C light, disinfectant liquid containing proper amount of alcohol, etc.

The water cleaning system of the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System and Floating Room System (UV-C light included + chemical injection included) with proper chemical, with propel chemical dosage and with proper chemical level is able to destroy the coronavirus Covid-19, 2019-nCoV.

Please do a proper disinfection cleaning of the inside of the empty pool up (lid inside) and down (the pool can be emptied and the optional back-wash function can be activated where available, with spraying pool/tanning bed disinfectant liquid like TegeeSol, Klinikosun or there are many similar products containing chloride or H2O2 on the market) and then rinsed with water. The OUTSIDE of the float tank/float room needs to be disinfected too with a disinfectant liquid. With this proper disinfection the float tank/float room is safe to use. Please check the User’s manual. The pools and pods of units not having back-wash function should be cleaned with disinfection liquid and wiped dry.

– Water cleaning parameters in case of using H2O2 (especially in this coronavirus period, if your float center is open):

PH should be kept between 6.8-7. H2O2 recommended level is a bit increased now to the level at 120-150 ppm. Please check if the H2O2 can/balloon is not empty and not running low as it is written in the manual. Please check the H2O2 level with the paper test strip of your H2O2 chemical or with the special very precise Float Spa H2O2 reader device.

It is recommended to do a H2O2 shocking (rising the H2O2 level to a very high level) of the pool/pod water by pouring manually 1,5 dl (cca. 18-20% concentrated) H2O2 into the water in the pool/pod once per week at the end of the operating day. Please note, you have to wait after this H2O2 shocking appr. 10 hours to reduce the H2O2 to a normal level (80-150 ppm) and to let people float into the water. Please check the H2O2 level after H2O2 chemical shocking and before you let people to float. Please check this in the manual.

– Water cleaning parameters in case of using liquid chlorine (especially in this coronavirus period, if your float center is open):

Please find in the attached User’s manual, “Chlorine protocol”. Please check if the chlorine can/balloon is not empty and not running low as it is written in the manual. Please keep a proper chlorine level. Most importantly, please follow your local health department rules, because the recommended maximum chlorine level can be different country by country! Please measure/check the free chlorine, bound chlorine, total chlorine with a precise digital chlorine measurement device.

– Surface disinfection:

+ the surfaces what the customers can touch, can get in contact with needs to be disinfected, especially the float tank and float room what the customer can touch/cough/sneeze like the inside (up and down) and outside of the pod/cabin/float tank and the float room pool has to be sanitized/disinfected.

– Special actions regarding maintenance in this special coronavirus period (if your float center is open):

It is recommended to do a chemical shocking of the removed filters once per week as it is written in the manual.

Please remove the biofilm from the water and from the top of the filter house, transparent tube on the side of the water tank (if you have this tube) – if there is any.

It is recommended to do an active charcoal/active carbon filtration process (page 45 or 56) once per month during this special coronavirus period.

Please do and check the monthly protocol in the manual.

Please see the User’s manual first if you have any questions.


The risk is not the properly operated, properly chemically dosed, properly disinfected float tank and its salty water.

The main risk is the interactions between people (in the lobby, lounge area, etc.) and all the surroundings, surfaces of the room (door handles, walls, shower, tap, mirror, hairdryer, etc.), if a coronavirus effected carrier person is touching everything in the room, sneezing, coughing (droplet infection) and the next customer is touching those (maybe not properly disinfected) surfaces. The risk is get infection by touching these surfaces is low, but unfortunately not zero.

So it is more about disinfect and clean the surroundings, every surface, floor what a customer can touch or can be in contact with + protect the staff.

Another risk to get in contact with many people, especially with people who have visited (in the last 14 days) countries effected by coronavirus.

The risk is higher when you get in contact with more and more people. So governments usually want to reduce these interactions between people.

It is important to protect the staff and receptionists of the float centers (consider to wear proper protective masks, rubber gloves, doing frequent min. 30 seconds long hand washing with soap or with disinfectant containing min. 60 % alcohol. Keep distance between people (1-2 meter, 4-7 feets) even in the reception/lounge area, no handshaking, no hugging, no kissing and not touching each other not even your own eyes, mouth, face.

Recommendations to be considered by float center operators in this special coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Covid 19 period:

– float center owners decide about staying open or closed, but always keeping, following the government, local authorities orders/recommendations/regulations!

– not to receive people having symptoms of coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Covid 19

– not to receive customers who have visited countries highly effected with coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Covid 19 in the last 14 days

– not to receive people over the age of 60-65 because these people are more sensitive and in many countries they asked by the government to stay at home anyway. These people should float on their own risk

– maybe it is a good idea to ask the floater (before float) to sign a disclaimer (it is only a draft) about: Not visited countries highly effected by coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Covid 19 in the last 14 days (most effected countries: China, Italy, Iran, Spain, South Korea,  Germany, France, USA, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Japan…). Not having symptoms of it and as far as she/he knows she/he is not a coronavirus carrier, and not infected with it. Her/his contact details with the date and time of floating and in which unit are useful to have of course with her/his permission

– float rooms should be used by only 1 person at the time. Pairs can use float rooms together only on their own risk

We strongly recommend to keep and follow the regulations of your government and health department + WHO regarding the coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Covid 19.

We keep the right of mistyping. Please check and keep the official statements of your local authorities + WHO (United Nations).

The Float Spa production is ON.

Running projects will be contacted.

Distributors, please contact your end users!

Thank you and wishing you ALL good health, hope to get over this soon!

Facebook (English): Float Spa Premium Floating Tank Manufacturer

Facebook: (Hungarian): Float Spa a súlytalan relaxáció

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) optical tester for water containing high concentration MgSO4 (Epsom salt) – very precise, very accurate, easy to use – LAUNCHED, on stock!

Float Spa Premium Floating attended the Float Conference 2019!

Float Conference 2019 in Denver, CO, USA, 2019. Sept. 28-29 (25-29.) –

2018. October 23-26. Interbad Spa Trade Fair, Stuttgart, Germany

  1. August 16-19. Float Conference and Workshop, Portland, Oregon, USA

Left to right: Robert Prekup (Float Spa commercial director), András Huszár (Float Spa managing director)

  1. August 10-13. Float Conference and Workshop, Portland, Oregon, USA
  1. August 18-21. Float Conference, Portland, Oregon, USA

Float Spa, Robert meets Ashkahn at the Float Conference in Portland, 2015

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