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Float Spa, the premium floating tank and floating room manufacturer. Float Spa Kft. is the manufacturer of the (reservoir style, self-draining) Float Spa Premium Floating Tank, the Float Spa Premium Floating Room Systems and the Float Spa H2O2 reader.


The Float Spa Team:


Andras Huszar (1981-2022+)



Dezső Györfi

Main engineer







Krisztina Mate-Palmai

Commercial director

AND The manufacturing team, experienced and skilled technicians, professionals.



We have started the researches and product development in 2007. Our designer  team has worked together with engineers swimming pool designers and health department specialists during  the developing period.  Our main goal was to create our float tanks to satisfy the highest hygiene level and with a beautiful and ergonomic design.  We have spent years to find the best water treatment methods and materials for the extreme high concentration salty water using. The salty water is completely different from the normal swimming pool water  so we had to find different solutions. We produced our first Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System in 2009!

Since that, we have manufactured, sold and delivered 200+ premium float tanks to 30+ countries worldwide. We are Europeans (Budapest, Hungary) and in Europe we have quite strict health and hygiene regulations. We are constantly developing our products to be ahead of the market in hygiene and in design too.

With the best materials and production methods we use and with the industry-first external water reservoir system (and self-draining vacuum formed antibacterial sanitary acrylic pod) we provide a very high (probably the highest) hygiene level on the market.

The reservoir style self-draining solution was not even a question for us, but it was a minimum aim to reach. Who wants to have a bath after a few hundred other people (especially in these pandemic times) in the same pool, in the same water which never been emptied? The pools of our float tanks and float rooms are emptied and the empty pools are sanitized between each guests and even the last drop of the Epsom salty water is cleaned with 4+1 water cleaning methods!

We are based in Budapest, Hungary (EU) and we have our own production site in the countryside.


We are not “only” floating tank and floating room manufacturers, but we are designers also!

All of the plans of our float pod projects (more than 80 projects in 25+ countries all around the world) were supervised/made by us, so there are no misunderstandings, and no “ooops!”

We help you in the design. When you order float tanks or float rooms from us (the first deposit received) we provide and cooperate with your architect on the following plans for the float pod / float room and for the technical room (in .pdf formats): floorplan, electrical plan, plumbing plan, ventilation plan.



We made plans and installed our pods and pools in various places: basements, top of the hill luxury apartments, garages, sport clubs, hotels, spas, float centers, doctors’ practices, mansions…. Many times we used cranes (in Germany, Hungary and on the narrow streets of Napoli, Italy…) or just simply used our manpower to get over the "difficulties/challenges".

We are happy to cooperate with spa- and hotel designer companies and with interior designers, architects on their future float projects.

Service and support:

We do installations worldwide with our own team or through our local distributors. Where we have distributor partner, the distributor offers installation service and warranty for the customers of that country. Where we do not have a local distributor, our company, our own team offers these.
We can access our pods remotely via internet so we can do software analysis and software updates online. We are ready to travel to the location for service reasons if it is needed, but because of the well tested, high quality, reliable parts it is very-very rarely needed (remote software updates). We support you with the shipment some small parts, pipes, fittings.
We offer 1 year warranty for the complete systems and 2 years for the material of the pools.
If you want to have some parts on stock to be supersafe prepared for all situation, you can optionally order an extra spare part kit. However we have special contract with some worldwide courier services to be able to deliver parts within a few days (appr. 1-5 days) to the whole world.
To operate and maintain a float tank is not rocket science, it is quite similar like a swimming pool or jacuzzi, but it needs some special knowledge. We share our knowledge and experience with our customers.
We have a very detailed user's manual in English language with a lot of photos. We or our distributor is training you and your receptionist on how to use and maintain the Float Spa Premium Floating Systems at the end of the installation.
We have a bunch of how to use and how to maintain service videos on our google drive shared with our customers.
We are available on Skype, phone, e-mail, etc.

Research and development:

Our team highly focusing on the maximum hygiene. We are developing, researching and testing the best water treatment methods in our systems.

We have developed our automatic H2O2 measuring device, we are cooperating with health departments on floating regulations, doing researches on floating water and chemicals, taking water samples time to time.

We have developed and designed our own sand filter and acrylic filters for the salty water.

References: https://floatspa.com/references-installed-systems/

Should you need further information or simply prefer a friendly call, please do not hesitate to contact us via any means displayed on our Contact page.

Float Spa introduction video:

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